Saturday, November 12, 2011

WordPress Automatic Facebook Page Update

This entry is the continuation to the entry I’ve posted last night. Here I’m going to share with you the 2nd suggestion on how to automatically update the Facebook Page every time you update your blog. However this second suggestion is ONLY suitable for those using WordPress self-hosted blogs. This method is also recommended for those who have not yet created any Facebook Page for their blogs.

2. Using the Simple Facebook Connect (SFC) WordPress plugin by Otto.

The first step is to go to your “Plugins” admin page in WordPress and click on the “Add New“ button.

Automatic Facebook update from WordPress

Then search for “simple facebook connect” and press the “Search Plugins“ button. Click the “Install Now” link. You can also do manual installation via ftp. The plugin can also be downloaded from the WordPress plugins directory.

Update Facebook automatically from WordPress

After installation there will be a lot of new “SFC blah blah blah” plugins in your plugins list. Look for “Simple Facebook Connect - Base” and activate it.

Wordpress auto-update Facebook Page

Then go to your WordPress admin “Settings > Simple Facebook Connect” to customize the plugin. This is where you will need to put your Facebook page’s information. SFC also offers various Facebook functions such as WordPress login using Facebook profile and page’s activity feeds. Most of this functions including the automatic Facebook Page update will require custom Facebook application which you have to create by yourself.

Connect WordPress to Facebook

To create a Facebook application you need to go to this link: After creating the App you will be displayed with your Apps information that will be needed by the plugin.

Creating Facebook application for WordPress

After you done setting up the base. Go to your “Plugins” page and activate the “SFC – Publish“.

Facebook Publish plugin for WordPress

Then go back to “Settings > Simple Facebook Connect“. Now you need to give permission for the newly created Apps to automatically access your Facebook data.

Setting up automatic Facebook update from WordPress

There are major differences between all 3 methods I’ve posted in this blog. I prefer this method because once somebody clicked on the Wall Post of the Facebook Page they will be redirected to your blog without any other medium in between. Give your opinion about this entry and share it with your friends.

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