Monday, September 8, 2008

A new Browser by Google - Google Chrome

Google Chrome Review


Before i start, let me just say that the only browsers i use are firefox (THE Browser) and IE (just to check if the pages that i develop appear correctly and work). So, in advance, i’m sorry if i point some feature in google Chrome that already exists natively in other browser.

Yesterday i finally got access to Google Chrome Download Page, some time after the anouncement made on google’s official blog. The expectation was high and Google didn’t disappoint.

First, the installation is very quick. I went to , Clicked the big blue button, downloaded a setup file, and chrome was installed in no time. Simple, quick, straight to the point.

First thing i noticed: The speed!!! The browser loads in a flash (not like firefox that, at least in my computer, takes a little time to load). When i started to browse some pages, i was astonished with the load speed.

Like google explained in the google chrome presentation comic book, chrome uses one process for each tab. This has several advantages. The ones that i best remember are:

  • If a page crashes, only that page is closed, not the browser;
  • When we don’t need a page, the process of that tab is closed and the memory allocated is released.
After this i decided to explore the developer suport that the browser offered. Well, i was amazed because chrome is only a beta and already has several features that are really useful. All of this without installing any plugin.
The dom inspector makes me remember Firebug. Can inspect every element and, at the same time, travel through the dom and see the styles aplied to each element. Yes, we already have this feature in firefox using firebug, but in chrome this feature is native, thats the beauty of it.
For javascript i found a console and a text mode debugger. I didn’t spent any time exploring them. Maybe one of this days i’ll take a few hours to explore this tools.
Finally two features that are really handy (at least for me):
  • native language corrector (it has some bugs, but this is only a beta, i give a discount).
  • element inspector in the right context menu.
Google Chrome surprised me. Fast, Simple, Lite. Can be both a browser for the common internet user, has it can be a browser for a developer. Google exceeded my expectations and proved, once more, to be a company that studies the market and knowns what the users want.
Chrome is going to be a first choice for now on. I’m official Chromed!!! I hope that future releases bring more and more new features to help improve even more this browser.

Download Google Chrome at



to download google chrome and use visit: or view this also

some draw back of this all.

its only available for windows.

no extra plug in can be downloaded now for this.

google toolbar is not with this neither it can be downloaded till yet with this.

some times it seems using some features of IE8.0